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SunSat: Turn your experiment into a space-ready CubeSat system now!

Satellites are vital to the daily activities. They are used for a vast range of applications such as Earth observation, astronomy, telecommunication and global navigation. Project SunSat’s aim is to develop a standardised service module where an experimental payload can be connected to a standardised interface and function using the EPS, ADCS, TC systems of SunSat.

The need for such technology is growing since the expected number of satellites which are to be launched are to increase. If SunSat can prove that a non-bespoke service module can be made to keep various types of payloads functioning, this means that the costs of satellites can decrease since standard service modules can be used hence reducing the cost of satellites by mass producing parts.

The project will demonstrate the capability of the university’s students to develop functioning satellites. A 3U structure is adopted as a typical volume for small satellites and a series of expected power and mass requirements will be used to design around potential payloads and orbital trajectories. Providing maximum 512 kbps link budget and the connectivities with I2C, URAT, GPIO, RS232 etc.

The teams are split up based on the same subsystems used in real spacecraft design:

Yun-Hang Cho

Yun is the team leader of the SunSat group. He was previously the systems Engineer on Sunbyte II and team leader of Sunbyte I. Together with Dr Fedun, they founded the Sheffield Space Initiative to engage even more students and give them the chance to participate in Space projects. His PhD investigates using machine learning to predict flow properties of rivers and sewers based on remote sensing images of the free surface pattern. He hopes to become a Space Systems Engineer working on deep space missions exploring the unknown. In his spare time, he likes to build Gunpla and play Kerbal Space Program.

Sebastian Rimmer

Seb is the Commands and Data Handling engineer of the project, managing the main Onboard Controller infrastructure for the SunSat Project. After receiving a fully sponsored place from ESA at the European Space Camp in summer 2017, he is eager to work in the growing space technology industry. As a first-year MEng aerospace engineering student, Seb is looking to specialize in the avionics stream later on in his degree as he is keen to develop his skills in software. He hopes to do his third year at a top engineering school in the USA as part of the exchange program offered by the University of Sheffield. In his spare time, Seb likes to cook or play rugby league for the university and is always looking to improve his spanish-speaking skills.

Sagar Shah

Sagar is the trajectory analyst of the SunSat project. Currently he is in his second year of an MEng Aerospace Engineering degree, in parallel he is the project leader of SunbYte III and has been a primary engineer in SunbYte II. Sagar has developed the Sheffield Space Initiative website and helped Dr Viktor Fedun to gain funding for Sheffield Space Initiative. Selected to go to a European Space Agency Academy training course in 2018 is something that Sagar is very proud of, he has learnt about operations of a spacecraft therefore has some technical knowledge about spacecrafts. Sagar’s goal is to work in the space industry and wants to use new technology to solve problems and help mankind. During his spare time he likes to learn how to develop mobile apps and create websites. In addition Sagar likes to go bouldering with friends and play table tennis to keep healthy.

Georgios Rontogiannis

Georgios is a second-year BEng in Mechanical Engineering student. He is the secretary and spacecraft thermal control engineer of the SunSat project. He is also the Project Leader for project SunrIde II for the academic year of 2018-2019. During the academic year of 2017-2018, he was a Manufacturing Engineer for project SunrIde I. He aspires to work in the Space Industry in the future to help explore space and understand its complex nature. With Greek being his mother-tongue, he really enjoys learning foreign languages, being proficient in English and French and a beginner in Mandarin and Spanish.

Sin Yi (Gianni)  Heung

A bilingual (Mandarin and Cantonese) Electronic and Telecommunication first class Engineering graduate from University of Sheffield. One of the team leaders of SunbYte II, Gianni has designed communication, electronics and power systems for robotic telescopes flown with NASA and REXUS/BEXUS. Gianni currently works as a Software engineer of Kin Technology Ltd, the top 12 startups of Jumpstarter. She loves filming and video editing with over 10 years of experience on Adobe Photoshop and After Effect. She aims to be a global leader who is keen to work hard and is determined to change the world, motivating the next generation to chase their dreams.

Jahid Ahmed

Jahid is a graduate aerospace engineer from the University of Bristol and currently doing MSc in Power electronics and advanced machine drives at the University of Sheffield. He is the Outreach manager and electronics power system engineer of the SunSat project. He is also the Power system sub-team member of the Project SunbYte III. He was selected to participate in European Space Agency’s spacecraft operations training programme in September 2018. He is an active member of ‘Engineers Without Borders’ & ‘Gliding’ societies and has a keen interest in flight and space industry.

Marwan Taher

Marwan is the Attitude Determination and Control Systems Engineer of the project. He is currently an undergraduate student studying Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Marwan co-founded Avalon ROV, which is a robotics team that participates in the MATE ROV competition -underwater robotics competitions-, in the previous years he was the team’s CTO and currently he is the project leader. Marwan is interested in robotics and wants to work on robotics projects within the aerospace space industry.

Ollie Young
Ollie is the Structural Engineer on the SunSat project. He is an undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He will be working to maximise internal space for components and the payload whilst minimising mass and maintaining structural integrity during launch and in operation. He has gained hands-on experience repairing industrial machinery at Felder UK and is looking to bring his commercial knowledge and skills to the project. Ollie is keen to gain experience and understanding of satellites and the application of systems in the real world as his current career ambitions are orientated towards the Aerospace and Defence industry.

Albert Bru

Albert is the financial officer and electronics power system engineer on the project. He is currently a first year undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He will be managing the projects budget and assets trying to minimise any arising financial problems. Spanish being his mother-tongue, he has a proficient level in English and Spanish and beginner in French. He is an ambitious and very curious person who currently would like to focus his career within the space industry as he is enthused in expanding his knowledge in everything that surrounds us. During his free time, he likes to read, watch films and play tennis for the university team.

Euan McDonald

Euan is leading the design and development of the mechanisms within the Sunsat project. He is an undergraduate student currently studying Aerospace engineering at the University of Sheffield. He will be working on the deployment of both the solar arrays and the antenna as well as possible mechanisms for active tracking solar arrays for a sun-synchronous orbit. He has some past experience participating in a work placement at Martin Baker where he was able to test some of the mechanisms within an ejector seat. He is also an industrial cadet with some experience in antenna and partaking in a high altitude balloon launch. He hopes to bring the skills he learned when doing these projects to Sunsat. He looks forward to his involvement within the project and a possible future in the Aerospace industry.

Baris Kuseyri

Baris is a graduate engineer currently doing MSc in Power electronics and advanced machine drives at the University of Sheffield. He is the Outreach manager and electronics power system engineer of the SunSat project. He has a keen interest in the aerospace industry and built our fantastic sunsat website!

As future development happens, we hope to keep you updated. In the meantime, you can follow our facebook  and website.

I'm currently a PhD researcher from the University of Sheffield based at the Agency of Science Technology and Research. I study remote sensing of free surface flows and in my spare time, I lead exciting space projects spanning the fields of Earth Observation, Robotics, Deep Space Exploration and more!

9 Apr 2019, 8:30