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Student Innovation: Ferrofluid-display Silently Controlled by Electromagnets

Fetch is a display made up by electromagnets and a magnetic liquid, called ferrofluid. The ferrofluid is constantly working against gravity, giving the display a very appealing "organic" look when displaying animations. You have to see it!

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
60 ml of Ferrofluid EF-H1
252 Electromagnets JSP-1515
252 10mm M4 Screws
252 2-pin Connectors
2 Acrylic sheets for laser cutting
10 Our custom printed circuit boards (PCBs). We are currently working on redesigning these to a version where 12 will be needed instead of 10. More info on our page
1 1200W Server PSU
1 Power distribution board for the PSU
10 Molex-terminated (MiniFitJr) power cables
1 Teensy 3.6
1 Adafruit RTC Module DS-3231
1 Some sheets of plywood
1 Some wood-screws and wood glue
1 Some 2mm glass sheets
1 Some 6mm glass sheets
1 Epoxy glue
1 Kosher salt
1 Distilled water
1 Some wires/jumper wires
Student at The University of Oslo and host of Applied Procrastination on YouTube:


August 13, 2020 08:00

I can not find a wiegand sensor in RS products, so you will probebly not be able to use (misuse/hack) them.
As uni-study you will have better access to the work of sensor manufacturer Posital and the German ministry of science and technology than I but from what I have read, it occurs to me that the sensor coil of the SMD wiegand detector could be used to polarise the wiegand wire which would then have a memory effect similar to an old fashioned “core store” memory element, I have worked with systems in the 1970's that were equipped with core stores, if you are not familiar with them you may have to delve into a dusty archive for information. Not that you need to know how core stores work, just that if I have understood the information on wiegand sensors correctly and you can get RS to stock them, they would make a smaller, cheaper and memory capable replacement for the electromagnets you are using.

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