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Storage and conveyor industry guide from SICK




The storage and conveyor system plays a central role in intralogistics.
Maximum throughput and optimal use of storage space is required. Highly dynamic markets, innovative logistics
processes and variable materials to be handled place high demands on flexibility. Sensor technology is a key factor.
SICK offers not only a complete sensor and service portfolio, but also has extensive industry knowledge, a total package with critical added value for the success of your storage and conveyor system.

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Main challenges


Identification of codes and objects of all types is the basic requirement for automatic storage, picking and sorting.
SICK offers scalable systems for all code types and for all ID technologies (laser, camera, RFID, hybrid) that are easy to adapt to the respective requirements.


Light grids, camera systems, laser measurement systems and scales measure distance, overhangs, profiles, volumes and weights. They allow efficient sorting, packing and picking, as well as process reliability through qualification.


Solutions for detection of leading edges, occupancy, overhangs, end positions, fill levels, etc. make processes very stable at maximum performance. Throughput maximization depends on optimal precision tuning of all sensor functions. And SICK has the right sensor for every task.

Detecting position

Sensors from SICK ensure maximum positioning accuracy, reproducibility, speed and optimal cycle times. Its comprehensive
portfolio of distance sensors, encoders and vision sensors allow optimal adaptation to the requirements of the respective application.


In the area of safety, sensors, systems, solutions and services from SICK ensure that safety requirements are met in compliance with applicable laws and standards. They provide efficient protection of hazardous areas, safe, ergonomic work stations and maximum system


LifeTime Services LifeTime Services cover the entire life cycle of a system from planning to commissioning and maintenance to modernization. SICK is an international sensor manufacturer and with proven solution expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge, offers a complete package comparable to none.


Focus 1

Package conveyor

Focus 2

Pallet conveyor

Focus 3

Transfer car

Focus 4

Storage and retrieval system, driving and lifting unit

Focus 5

Storage and retrieval system, pallet load unit

Focus 6

Storage and retrieval system, box load unit

Focus 7

Electrical overhead conveyor

Focus 8

Tote shuttle

Focus 9

Pallet shuttle


Focus 10

Pallet stacker

Focus 11

Pallet handling machine

Focus 12

Picking station

Focus 13


Focus 14

Cold storage

Focus 15



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