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23 Dec 2016, 8:46

STG-650 CAN vs. STG-600 from Barth - It is not just the CAN bus that makes the difference

From a first point of view the only difference between the STG-650 CAN and the STG-600 is the CAN interface. But looking more into the detail there is so much more worth knowing.









When Barth Elektronik introduced the STG-650 CAN it opened up plenty of new options for users. The most obvious one is the CAN2.0A/B interface that allows the mini-PLC to communicate to other devices like displays or even to a wider network of logic controllers.

However, what was kept more or less under the surface is the fact that apart from the CAN interface there were many more improvements with the STG-650 CAN. Talking to the technical guys from Barth I discovered so much more and thought it would be good to share this with you.

1. The STG-650 CAN provides a reliable TTL-232/USB interface that ensures communication even in the event of a power supply loss.

2. It also comes with an enhanced 12 Bit AD converter as well as a better voltage reference for ADC compared to the ones used in the STG-600

3. STG-650 CAN has a redundant oscillator which makes the mini-PLC suitable for fail safe applications

4. STG-650 CAN has an ultrarugged housing from PA6.6 GF - see the impressive video below!!*

All the above also counts for the STG-550 CAN vs. STG-500. 

Looking at the prices of STG-650 CAN and STG-600 they look very similar, so seems the STG-650 is the better deal overall. 

 * PA6.6 GF housing has been adopted to STG-600 since the latest production batches


23 Dec 2016, 8:46


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