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Stepper Motors from Sanyo Denki

Stepper motors offer an easy low cost motion control system which can operate without a feedback loop and provide excellent low speed torque. We have discussed stepper motors on DesignSpark before, with this excellent guide.  With applications across a huge cross section of electonics and automation industries, there are more reasons than ever to use stepper motors in your design.  

There are a wide range of available driver chips and microcontrollers with stepper driver functionality, but for design and prototyping there are advantages to using manufacturer's own proprietary drivers to get started quickly.  

Our friends at Sanyo Denki offer a full range of motors and drivers from their SANMOTION family which offer precision control with high torque and low vibration.

The stepper motors range from 14mm to 86mm frame sizes and include 56 and 60mm IP65 sealed motors. The range of tested and approved Sanyo Denki and third party drivers allow easy design and prototyping using micro step drive technology and the all the necessary connecting cables.


  • 1.8 degree step angle motors
  • Unipolar and bipolar drive schemes
  • Single and dual shaft options
  • Optional prewired connection cables
  • Approved and tested microstepping drivers

The BS1D200P10 (bipolar) or the US1D200P10 (unipolar) drivers run from 24/36V have an output drive current up to 2A and are matched to drive most Sanyo Denki 35m, 42mm, 56mm and 60mm motors. With their compact design, pre drilled mounting holes and easy to wire screw terminal connections they are easy to incorporate in any design. The drivers offer up to 1/16 micro stepping divisions along with a built in low vibration driving mode.
Sanyo Denki motors are also match to the cost competitive RS Pro stepper driver the 2.2A Amp version (905-8786) and the high power 4.4A output version (905-8780)

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