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11 Jun 2019, 8:58

Sony Spresense the development board for edge solutions

With so many positive mentions of Sony Spresense, we decided to visit the Sony development site for Spresense to see what good things they have been up to, to say we are impressed is an understatement.

As well as loads of great sample projects to follow there is also a host of developer tools and support on site.

We found two great new tutorials that focus on LoRa and Bluetooth. If you are looking for a development board to help deliver edge based industrial solutions, our recommendation is to stop by the site and check out these tutorials.

If you are interested in learning more about connectivity with LoRa there is a new tutorial to follow, titled How to equip Spresense with LoRa connectivity. It's a six-step tutorial that's simple and easy to follow. 

If it's Bluetooth Low Energy you are interested in, then Sony has this covered. A simple five-part tutorial demonstrates how to equipment Spresense with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

In previous articles, two of our DesignSpark members Redstone and Andrew Back have commented on how much capability is built into the Sony Spresense development kits. 

ln case you missed these check out the links below.

Sony is making its Spresense felt, Redstone takes a first look to discover What is Spresense.

The Sensitive Side of Rohm Semiconductor, Redstone take a deeper look and sensors and Bluetooth add-on modules from Rohm.

Discover why Andrew Back thinks that Spresense is a feature packed powerhouse of a board



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11 Jun 2019, 8:58