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Solving basic transportation tasks

Easy transportation of solid matter with level monitoring with SINAMICS G120 drives.

Controlling conveyor systems is an essential component of many automation tasks. A number of conveyor tasks can be solved with SINAMICS drives. In this application example, the level of a storage silo is to be monitored. If necessary, the level is to be increased with the help of a conveyor belt or a screw conveyor.

Efficient, simple and time-saving

Your benefits when you use this application example. 

Easy control of conveyor systems

Control your entire conveyor system with only one single automation component. 

Automatic monitoring

The level of a storage silo is automatically kept at the desired level.

Easy parameterization of the drive

You can set various speeds with the Basic Operator Panel (BOP) integrated into the SINAMICS drive. 

Possible uses

You can use this application example for a large variety of conveyor tasks. 

Some examples for the possible uses:

  • Fuel tank
  • Fodder silos
  • Chip silos

How does it work?

A SINAMICS frequency converter is switched on and off via its digital inputs. An ultrasonic sensor is used as a signal transmitter for activating the frequency converter; the sensor is used to monitor the level of a storage silo. The frequency converter controls a conveyor belt that increases the level of the silo when necessary.

Required components

You need the following components to implement the application example. 

Article Qty Article number Note
SINAMICS G120C 1 6AG1067-1AA25-0AA0 Choose electrical power depending on your application
SINAMICS G120 Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2) 1 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1
Conveyor belt with asynchronous motor 1 1LA7060-4AB10-Z Alternative: Or any other asynchronous motor
Ultrasonic sensor 1   Sensor for level monitoring with NO contact


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