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Lamp failure alarm relay question.

I have a 250 watt 240 volt infra-red heat lamp keeping newly hatched chickens warm.

I need a battery powered alarm to warn of both lamp and mains failure.

I want to use a 240 volt ac relay in series with the lamp such that if either the lamp filament fails or the mains supply fails an alarm sounds.

There is also a dimmer in the circuit. Could anyone suggest a relay suitable and possibly the value of a resistor in parallel with the relay coil to make this work?

Any better suggestions most welcome.     

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July 6, 2020 08:36

In the past we have always had to design our own circuits for such functions, but looking in RS one of these may be suitable
But you will need to investigate to find what may work.
As the purpose is to keep the chicks warm, could you measure the temperate to operate the alarm, or perhaps a light operated switch if you can find one that works with IR?
There are some very cheap detectors on eBay, search "Light Control Switch Photoresistor Relay" or for temperature search "Control Switch Thermistor Relay".
My thoughts at the moment are temperature is the important parameter and if you measure that you do not have issues of stray light affecting a light sensor or the current sensor working with a dimmer.

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