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12 Nov 2016, 11:02

Software Image Download for IOT2020


Here you will find the latest software image to get started with IOT2020. The software download requires registration at Siemens - Please consider the Siemens Licence Conditions before using the software.  

Just simply download the image to an SD card and plug it into your IOT2020 to kick off your first project. 

Find some helpful instructions on how you can put your IOT2020 into operation here.

Peter has done another incredible article showing a step by step instruction how upload the software image onto the IOT2020. 











Update, 28th of March 2017 - Peter has reviewed the new sample image 2.1.3 from Siemens and highlights the most important improvements in the below video. Enjoy!







12 Nov 2016, 11:02



November 21, 2016 10:28

Hi Guys,
Sorry for the issue; we are working with Siemens to speed up the registration process

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November 18, 2016 11:21

I had a similar issue.
You have to register for the site.
Then register to download export restricted software.
THEN register to download the image and support software.
I did eventually get authorized, and luckily I did all this while I was waiting for the device to become available again from back-order.

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November 18, 2016 11:21

Even i registered myself at the Siemens Website 3 days ago i'm not authorized to download the OS (SD Card Image). Now i have the hardware but can not install the operating system and can not try it out. Thus the device is kind of useless.

I really can not understand this problem. Pretty disappointing.

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