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Smart Displays. Without Writing Code

Lascar Electronics introduces the PanelPilotACE. An off the shelf hardware and design software package for rapid development of industrial display and panel applications. Progress from story-board to finished application in just days without writing a line of code.


 Accelerate your display project into production with PanelPilotACE software – a unique tool that provides code free building blocks allowing users to drag-and-drop elements onto the screen to quickly create advanced user interfaces. From background images to text elements, analogue and bar-graph style meters, touch screen buttons through to data logging, trend graphing, logic and maths functionality, users can quickly build multi-screen interfaces without writing a line of code.

Don’t commit to hardware immediately. The software is free to download and includes an emulation suite to test the hardware input and output elements.  When you’re ready to see your app in person, a Panel Pilot development board (818-7354) with display included is available to quickly test the full feature set of your prototype.


PanelPilot’s compatible display family features a wealth of hardware interfaces including four analogue inputs, eight digital I/O, four PWM outputs, alarm outputs and serial interfaces including I2C, SPI , RS232 and RS485. Its 4.3” and 7” capacitive touch screen options with low-profile panel mounted display will run any application created in the free Design Studio software.

Visit to find out more. 

Lascar Electronics have a huge range of PanelPilot displays. Check them out here...

2 Nov 2016, 11:28