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Small components - for a big leap towards future: Modern components from Panasonic Industry, tailored for 5G product design

Only one number up from 4G, but altogether a game-changing leap for our everyday connectivity: More bandwidth, speed and less latency will enable us to discover a whole new level of performance in connected car, smart factory, remote medicine, VR/AR contents or IoT applications.

This is what we get. What is needed, however, are components that are capable to handle PCB density, higher currents – and, first and foremost, heat.

Given these requirements, it’s worth having a closer look on what Panasonic Industry has to specifically offer for the “electromechanical core” of modern 5G product designs:

Starting with capacitors, Panasonic Industry is prepared to contribute to reliability, area saving, performance and secure supply for the entire power circuit – namely by Polymer capacitors ensuring stability under severe workloads and narrow conditions. Just to draw a random picture: depending on capacitor requirements ,one Polymer capacitor can replace a few MLCCs that are parallel, since polymer capacitors do not suffer from DC-Bias aging while MLCCs do. That doesn’t only save PCB space, but also significant costs.

The SVPT series of OSCON, for instance, is proven to achieve 20,000 hours at temperatures up to 105°C at the input of DC/DC converters.

GY series of SP-CAP is coming with 820µF and an ESR as low as 3mΩ at the output by offering the highest ripple current of 10.2A.

When it comes to particularly slim application designs, the reliable TDC series of POSCAP with its miniaturized cases renders the ideal choice for the ever tinier side of 5G products.

Also looking at its portfolio of 5G compatible resistors, Panasonic Industry appears to be well positioned: The manufacturer’s soft termination technology has been proven to ensure the least amount of stress on the solder joint which in turn results in its maximum lifetime in temperature cycles. In the world of 5G, Panasonic Industry’s chip resistors can be found in, amongst others, base stations, DC/DC converters or AC/power supply.

Panasonic’s high precision thin film resistors are especially used in high frequency circuits like amplifier circuits in which accuracy and low total tolerance of the resistor is vital. The ERA*A and ERA*V series of Panasonic thin film resistors particularly perform well in such applications and are additionally highly reliable and have low drift.

The respective, specific high power and anti-surge series perform well in applications where high voltage prevails and the IC has to be protected from static electricity. Due to the unique laser trimming pattern, this series convinces with anti-surge characteristics, rendering it the perfect solution for high voltage and high surge applications.

Part of the portfolio is also a wide range of anti-sulfur resistors. The ERJS and ERJU series eliminate the  risk of sulfurization due to their gold (in ERJS) and palladium/silver (in ERJU) inner electrode which effectively protects the resistive element. As a result, the resistance value remains unchanged and the resistor performs particularly well in tough environments. This of course depends highly on the location and environment of the base station.

Last but not least, Panasonic Industry’s high power wide terminal chip resistors reveal high power figures in a compact case design. By their wide terminal construction, the ERJB and ERJD series achieve superior heat dissipation and avoid hot spots in the resistor. This ultimately allows these high power resistors’ usage in high performance applications – additionally convincing through excellent pulse characteristics.

Small components, vital for a big step towards the future of network technology: Learn more about the high quality passives from Panasonic Industry on

Panasonic Industrial Solutions Company contributes towards a new future and a richer society by providing various high quality and reliable industrial products. On DesignSpark we will introduce new products and provide technical information. パナソニック インダストリアルソリューションズ社は、新しい未来と豊かな社会に貢献する会社を目指し、高い性能、信頼性を実現した商品を多数扱っております。DesignSparkでは弊社商品や技術記事についてご紹介いたします。

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