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17 Apr 2018, 15:36

Sleeping position notification machine and Pro Smart Water Heater EX

The information of the other two teams in Phase II is listed below:

Sleeping position notification machine

Le LIU, Chaoran ZHANG and Xianli SHEN

Sleeping position is important for some patients recovering from surgery. However, it is difficult for patients to control their sleeping positions once they are asleep, and so they need nurses to monitor their sleeping positions. We developed a sleeping position notification machine (see Fig. 1) to monitor patients’ sleeping position automatically. In this machine, an Arduino microcontroller is connected to some pressure sensors on the bed. By getting all readings from the sensors, the machine knows the sleeping position of a patient (user) and identify whether the sleeping position is correct or not. The microcontroller can report the sleeping position to a mobile app through WiFi so that the patients (users) or/and their nurse can know the situation and take actions if necessary.

Fig. 1 The photo of the machine

The demo video of Sleeping position notification machine:


Pro Smart Water Heater EX

Chun-Ming LI, Hung-Wai LO and Tsz-Lung LUI

Nowadays many people enjoy a cup of hot coffee in coffee shops. However, after a while, the coffee will not be hot enough and it is complicated to re-heat the coffee. Therefore, we developed a product to re-heat a cup of drink automatically (see Fig. 1).

The product has a base with a motor (the motor is used to stir the cup of drink slowly), a LCD display, an infra-red temperature sensor, a silicon heater and two microcontrollers (one is an ARM microcontroller to monitor the operation of the heater and display the temperature of the drink; while the other one is an Arduino microcontroller which can receive the temperature reading from the infra-red temperature sensor and send the reading back to the ARM microcontroller).

When a user puts a cup of drink on the base, the infra-red temperature sensor reads the temperature of the drink and sends it back to the microcontroller. We know the reading may not be the same as the current temperature of the drink. We did some experiments for the calibration and thus finally the reading displaying on the LCD display represents the accurate temperature of the drink.

When you turn on the machine, the heater heats up the drink which is monitored by the ARM microcontroller. The base will be rotated slowly to stir the drink when the heater is on. The heater will be off if the reading is up to a specified value which means the drink is hot enough.

Fig. 1 The photo of the product

The demo video of Pro Smart Water Heater EX:

Information on each team in Phase II is detailed on the links below:

Organizer "Microcontroller Application Design Contest (2016-17)" Department of Electronic and Information Engineering The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

17 Apr 2018, 15:36