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SIRIUS Control - Perfection for controlling and protecting


Fig. 1: SIRIUS Control offers the largest available switching device portfolio in the market.

SIRIUS Control - Integrated innovative spirit

An integrated system is considered by many users to be an economic advantage of the highest order. Simplified engineering, uniform paths for procurement and routine handling are the most important pillars. Siemens supports this trend and has now completed its innovated Sirius modular system up to size S12 for outputs of up to 250 kW. In addition to technical innovations of the devices, the comprehensive digital support of mechanical and plant engineers leads to more enjoyable planning and building.

No machine or plant can manage without low-voltage controls and distribution: This illustrates the high value placed on contactors, switches, measuring and fuse elements. Each device must be considered, designed, procured, installed, commissioned and serviced individually. Users in all industries are only too familiar with the high costs regarding engineering, procurement, handling and (spare part) storage associated with this. Anyone who wants to thrive in this vast jungle of devices must have a large amount of patience, expert knowledge, and experience or, alternatively, use the perfectly harmonized modular system from Siemens, including the tools that are available to significantly facilitate one's work.

What does this mean in practice? With its Sirius modular system, Siemens offers the widest range of switching devices available on the market with the greatest number of combination tests and approvals. No less than 50,000 tested device combinations are included in this. And the other products also fulfill the required standards and approvals such as IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, railway, marine, safety, etc. The result is a modern modular system, which is constantly growing and which has now been completed even in the higher performance ranges.

Fig. 2: The industrial controls in the Sirius modular system from Siemens are perfectly attuned to one another and can be individually combined with one another.

Contactors up to size S12 completed

Now all sizes are universally available from a single source, from S00 to S12, for switching, protecting, controlling and monitoring motors. The innovated 3RT2 contactors have been available since fall 2017 also in sizes S6, S10 and S12. They thus supplement the sizes S00, S0, S2 and S3 of the new generation of switching devices that have long been well established on the market.

Fig. 3: The Sirius modular system has been supplemented by the innovated Sirius 3RT2 contactors in sizes S6, S10 and S12 so that the performance range of 3 to 250 kW is now covered "from a single source".

Modular layout with the world's best combinability

The modular layout of the Sirius modular system increases the competitiveness of the users because the multitude of possible combinations is at a maximum. In other words: Siemens offers the best combinability of tested devices in the world. Preassembled kits, which considerably reduce the wiring costs and simultaneously eliminate the risk of incorrect wiring, are available for making connections.
Here too, as in many other places, the focus is on the system concept, which ensures that users can quickly and reliably configure or install the system.

SIRIUS spring-loaded connection system - strong, flexible, safe, quick!

There are many devices with spring-loaded connection technology for switching, protecting, controlling and monitoring. The main advantages are, on the one hand, the extremely quick wiring and, on the other hand, the vibration-proof, tested and standard-conformant connection. Thus, the usual checks of screw connections that are necessary in many cases and the additional installation of wire end sleeves can be omitted. With the spring-loaded connection system, the cables are simply inserted, which simultaneously ensures maximum installation reliability and savings of up to 33 percent in installation costs.

Fig. 4: The devices in the Sirius modular system are also available with spring-loaded connection technology. This saves time and ensures a firm, tested connection.

This video details the many reasons for using SIRIUS spring-loaded connection technology:

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