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Simplify Motor Control using these New Intelligent Power Modules

The New STK5Q4U3XX modules contain all the key functionality required for high voltage 3-phase motor drive applications.


These Inverter Power Modules are highly integrated including all of the High Voltage control elements and the 3-phase outputs within a compact DIP module. This functionality allows for 3-phase motor control for numerous applications including industrial motor control, air conditioning, washing machine, refrigeration etc. In order to achieve high levels of performance the output stage features sophisticated IGBT and FRD technology. Single control power supply utilising internal bootstrap circuit for the high side gate drive. All control inputs and monitoring outputs are at low voltage levels for direct compatibility with microcontrollers. Over-current protection, under-voltage protection and a trip input for shutdown are included. An externally accessible thermistor is included for substrate temperature monitoring and photo-couplers are built in to provide isolation. The STK5QU362J-E is rated at 600V with a peak output current of 20A.











Block diagram STK5Q4U3XXJ

Click here to see the STK5Q4U362J-E 867-3283

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