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SIMATIC IOT2020 - Create SD Card Boot Image and Configure Network


You have your SIMATIC IoT2020 from RS Components, but how do you get your Linux OS up and running on your network?, it defaults to and this may not be your network range!!!

In this video I will take you through downloading the image from Siemens and burning it to a microSD card. I then show you how to configure the network settings for your environment.

The ".wic" images can be found here:-

Getting started Guides can be found here

Full Operating instructions 

You will need a logon account to acces the files and images, not a painfull process but needed nevertheless

To burn the SD card image you will need Win32DiskImager

I would suggest a good quality SD card, 8GB or more and class 10. I use Samsung Pro or Evo, or Sandisk Ultra, bot support about 80MBytes/Sec transfer rates for read, this makes for fast burning of the image and also fast reading (Booting). You dont need 8GB to start but as you add to your IoT2020 you could find your self having to get a bigger card, so easier to do it from the start.


others can be found here:- you may need to change the country for your local pricing.


There is also a rapid growing support forum on the Siemens site 

If you have any problems getting your IoT2020 up and running on your network, post a question and ill try to help

With a background in Industrial Electronics, Solutions Architecture and programming, I now spend my time working on my YouTube channel ( ) where I create educational videos showing how to use various devices including Test and measurement, Home and industrial Automation, Components and other fun things I am sent to review or include in projects. I will also create many projects to showcase the use of these items

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March 8, 2017 09:49

when i try to reboot giving the reboot command after the expansion of sd card size, nothing is happening. when i try to give some command after that, it is showing that software connection abort. what to do in this regard
because of this i am not able to expand my sd card.
anyone pls reply
thank you

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