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Silicon Capacitor Technology from IPDiA

Over the past few years on DesignSpark, we have spoken about Polymer Capacitor technology. Polymer caps offer a number of advantages over traditional capacitor technologies when it comes to safety, performance and temperature stability.

Taking its place alongside polymer, a new and disruptive technology has emerged, driven by the demands of the medical market. Medical devices place very specific demands on capacitors:

  • High reliability
  • Low leakage current (high insulation resistance)
  • Small dimensions
  • Good stability with voltage, temperature and time
  • High peak withstanding voltage

In response, technology innovator IPDiA has developed capacitors based upon silicon. Offering fantastic performance, silicon capacitors have already spread beyond the medical market, and over 1 billion consumer devices worldwide are benefitting from the advantages offered by this new technology.

The IPDiA portfolio of silicon capacitors extends from picofarad-size devices up to tens of microfarads. The Xtreme Temperature Silicon Capacitors offer operating temperature range from -55 °C to +250 °C with capacitance shift limited to +/-1 %.

To learn more about the remarkable advantages this new technology offers, please download and read the attached white paper from IPDiA. And keep a close eye on the RS Components website - we'll be making exciting announcements very soon...

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30 Sep 2016, 10:06