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Siemens SIRIUS phase-out: SIRIUS Classic to SIRIUS Innovation cross-reference

Siemens has started the conversion from SIRIUS Classic to SIRIUS Innovation.

SIRIUS has for a long time been synonymous worldwide with industrial control, becoming a trendsetter from the very beginning.

In line with that, and with the strong will to keep SIRIUS on top of industrial automation, Siemens is renewing the SIRIUS Classic series with forward-looking and innovative features.

SIRIUS continuous development is taking into consideration the current market requirements with a special attention to less variants, more flexibility and time saving, with a final result of higher productivity and cost saving.

RS Components can support its customers with the conversion from SIRIUS Classic to SIRIUS Innovation, ensuring stock of both SIRIUS Classic and SIRIUS Innovation to make the conversion as smooth as possible.

No matter if you are looking to SIRIUS Classic to keep on working until completing conversion or you are already doing that conversion and so you need the new SIRIUS Innovation, you can rely on RS Components for full support.

RS Components offer will include all the new SIRIUS Innovation products according to the following steps:

Check the attached reference table (Siemens Sirius Migration.pdf) to find out the equivalent SIRIUS Innovation articles.

  • Phase one: first batch of 233 SIRIUS Innovation products - available
  • Phase two: second batch of 103 SIRIUS Innovation products - available
  • Phase three: last batch of 86 SIRIUS Innovation products coming soon
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