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ShroukieTronix! Episode 5: 3D Printing!

This Pride month, ShroukieTronix is bringing you TWO proud queer engineers! I collaborated with 3D printing expert Allie, previously known as Geeky Faye Art - now rebranded to Katz Creates! They helped me set up my 3D printer and understand some 3D printing basics!

This episode is super proudly brought to you by RS Grassroots Education: Powering Tech, Empowering Youth! Part of RS Components

Shrouk ☀️

By Senior Electronics Engineer Shrouk El-Attar, MEng (She/They -> why is this here?)

BBC 100 Most Influential Women 2018 | United Nations refugee agency Young Woman of the Year 2018 | IET top 6 Young Women Engineers 2019 | Women's Engineering Society award winner 2020 | Difference maker and big smasher of stereotypes! ✊


Hello! My name is Shrouk El-Attar and I’m an Engineer, Belly Dancer, Refugee! I’m the Lead Electronics Engineering Consultant at Shrouk El-Attar Consultancy and my pronouns are She & They
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