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ShroukieTronix! Episode 2: Bedroom Lab - BASICS!

What's in a basic electronics lab?

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
3 SAD-101, Breadboard Solderless Breadboard 83 x 52 x 9mm 189-2277
1 (Optional! It's cheaper to buy the values you need, when you need them. But a kit helps me keep my passives organised) Nova, CCR-02 Carbon Film, Through Hole 48 Resistor Kit, with 1110 pieces, 10 Ω → 1MΩ 156-2565
1 (Also optional, see above!) Nova, Through Hole Ceramic Capacitor Kit 305 pieces 112-7500
10 Precision timer,NE555P 0.5MHz DIL8 866-0199
10 Op Amp, 10MHz, 8-Pin PDIP 169-8120
50 LED,C503B-ACS-CY0Z0252-030 810-0486
1 M2F MIKROE-512, 10 piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit MIKROE-512
1 M2M MIKROE-513, 10 piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit 791-6463
1 F2F MIKROE-511, 10 piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit 791-6450
1 Arduino, Uno Rev 3 SMD 769-7409
1 RS PRO Male USB A to Male USB B, 500mm, USB 2.0 Cable 182-8547
1 (I have a well loved Fluke 177 which is super expensive. But this one is actually awesome and a more affordable DMM to start with!) RS PRO IDM71 Handheld Digital Multimeter, With RS Calibration 123-3366
1 RS PRO 110 mm Diagonal Cutters 053-6420
1 RS PRO 170 mm Wire Stripper, 0.2mm → 6mm 061-3044
1 RS PRO Chrome Vanadium Steel Pliers Long Nose Pliers, 120 mm Overall Length 847-3765

Hello friends!

Parts list (above) and some links (below) to the basic stuff you need for your super awesome badass lab! Some parts are optional, so make sure you read the description! Would you add anything else for a basic lab? Let me know in the comments below :)

  • This is my workbench (plus some mod obvs) and my shelves from IKEA
  • My toolset and drill (if you need them!) You don't really need it unless you're building things from scratch.
  • I'm actually really particular about my wire strippers. If you wanna go super fancy, these wire strippers are my faves and they are to die for <3 But the wire strippers in the parts list are absolutely fine too.
  • Aaaaand the final and most important ingredient... YOU! There's NOTHING you can't do! ;)

Lots of love,

Shrouk x

By Senior Electronics Engineer Shrouk El-Attar, MEng (She/They -> why is this here?)

BBC 100 Most Influential Women 2018 | United Nations refugee agency Young Woman of the Year 2018 | IET top 6 Young Women Engineers 2019 | Women's Engineering Society award winner 2020 | Difference maker and big smasher of stereotypes! ✊

Hello! My name is Shrouk El-Attar and I’m an Engineer, Belly Dancer, Refugee! I’m the Lead Electronics Engineering Consultant at Shrouk El-Attar Consultancy and my pronouns are She & They
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