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Sharing PCB design between PCs


Is there a way to share a project between two PCs?  The only way I have done it so far is copying the entire project folder at work and library taking it home and putting it on there which also ends up with a mess of library folders - especially with each version update a new folder is created and there doesn't seem to be a way of consolidating library folders.

Work has a very sketchy internet connection so I can't rely on one Dropbox folder to work from.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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July 16, 2019 07:58

You can move library folders around in Windows and map to them within DSPCB so there should not be any problem, I have my user library outside of the DSPCB version structure and map to that in DSPCB. It remains mapped when I upgrade. The only issue is you may not be able to use a newer version created library with an older version DSPCB.

I mention the above as if you had a memory stick you could probably work directly on that for the current design, i.e. no copy and pasting except for the first time. I think if you also copy your User folder to the memory stick and map to that there should be no problem.
You also only need access to the library when adding components so once you have the components loaded in your design (sch and pcb) you don't actually need the library available as you have a local copy of the components in the design.
This should be quite simple once set up and get round the poor network connection at your work.
There is also a faq on mapping libraries that may assist.

If you have further questions on this post in the dedicated DSPCB forum. You could also search this for any similar questions.

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