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  • article Designing a Wearable?

    Designing a Wearable?

    Whether you are designing a smart watch, a portable health and fitness tracker or something else considered ‘Wearable’ your end device must deliver the right combination of price, performance, functionality and battery life.

  • article Where's the wearables?

    Where's the wearables?

    Rings and bracelets have been around for thousands of years. The first major technological advance on these was the wristwatch – which became popular during the First World War. Now, we’re inserting technology in to many things.

  • technologyhub Wearables and Technology Lifestyle

    Wearables and Technology Lifestyle

    Technology is everywhere, and its presence is increasing at an exponential rate, finding its way into all avenues of our lives. From the Smartphone of today that has more computing power than personal computers from just a few years ago, to the IoT and the billions of connected devices that reside within. There is no escaping the march of technology, and no denying the speed of its advance, we can either turn our back on it or embrace the chance

  • article A Winter Wearable Project

    A Winter Wearable Project

    Up-cycling a drab Christmas jumper by adding Adafruit Flora NeoPixels.

  • article Wearable fall detector

    Wearable fall detector

    I designed my own fall detector wearable! With sensors, a custom 3D printed body, wireless communication and alarm notifications on a remote base station!

  • news ili...the wearable translator!

    ili...the wearable translator!

    ili is a wearable translator that you talk into and an instant later your words are translated and broadcast in Chinese and Japanese (and English with more to be added) to whomever you are talking too! Watch the Video!

  • news Wearables Technology Winner

    Wearables Technology Winner

    The winner of the DesignSpark Wearable Technology Design Challenge is marc3l. You can view the winning fall detector entry here. Congratulations to marc3l and many thanks to all those who entered.

  • article Wearable Technology Design Challenge

    Wearable Technology Design Challenge

    Win a £1500 RS basket by designing a wearable that either helps to keep someone safe or improves and monitors their health.

  • article Wearable - Open BioBand, the ultimage biometric open source wearable

    Wearable - Open BioBand, the ultimage biometric open source wearable

    Open BioBand is a biometric Open Source wristband with BLE connectivity used to non-invasive monitorization of patients. It measure several parameters such as pulse, SPO2, body temperature, motion activity, pressure, humidity, temperature...

  • news Bluno Beetle wearable Arduino with BLE

    Bluno Beetle wearable Arduino with BLE

    it is a wearable Arduino Uno based board with the CC2540 Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) module. Also uses the standard Arduino IDE. Supports Bluetooth HID, USB programming or wireless uploads method, DIY projects, gift projects, wearable and educational.