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SeaQuest Episode 9: All Hands On Deck!



In the ninth episode of our SeaQuest adventure...

With time running out to make a world record attempt before winter sets in, the team needs to decide on a new location for the crossing.  The team also discus if they can make do with the current boats they have, and what further modifications are required.

The team also gets together to diagnose and fix the problems with overheating and hook everything up on the bench for testing. David re-engineers the enclosures for the electronics to make them waterproof, and Gary designs a modular system to make it easier to swap out the motors and radio gear.

Gary also does some calibration tests on the navigation autopilot and Pete puts one of the boats in his bathtub to test the ballast levels. 

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Follow our engineering challenge to design, test and build a 3D printed automated model boat that is capable of setting a World Record.
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