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SeaQuest Episode 4: Entree Interdite


In the fourth episode of the SeaQuest adventure

The Team move the build location to the Imperial College London Advanced Hackspace to take advantage of the facilities and speed up prototyping.  Richard shows the electronics and software behind the autonomous element of the boats and Gary talks about the trials and tribulations of 3D printing.  Pete experiments with foam for buoyancy and how to stick 3D printed parts together and the team also get news from the French Coastguard.

Richard_Oum_f001a5c65b26f3f0581c9837f9a57d7285c40d01.jpgRichard checking the wiring for the flight controller

Richard_SeqQuest_prop_design_c3f21eac110937c478927048da8759b505eccaf5.jpgRichard checking the flight control programming

Gary_CAD_SeaQuest_05e21be0d1828405f5cb1085ee0eee0a2c7104f2.jpgGary comparing the CAD model with the sketches

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Follow our engineering challenge to design, test and build a 3D printed automated model boat that is capable of setting a World Record.
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