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SeaQuest Episode 10: The Cruel Sea



In the tenth and final episode of our SeaQuest adventure...

Winter is coming, and although the dream of a world record is no longer on the cards this year, the team head off for their big Sea adventure to prove they have a boat design that can stand up to the cruel sea.

The team choose a crossing route of around 8 kilometres to set sail from Hurst Castle on the south coast of England, across the Solent to Fort Albert then down to the Needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. The boat will then turn back and land on the beach at Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight.

Follow the teams adventure as they battle with the elements and technical challenges as the attempt to get their small model boat across to Sea.





Follow our engineering challenge to design, test and build a 3D printed automated model boat that is capable of setting a World Record.
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