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Scripted build of Pi Access Point

This is a simple project which enables you to transform a Pi 3B+/4 into a wireless AP by scripting the configuration of hostapd, dhcpcd, dnsmasq & wpa_supplicant. Useful for covering Wi-Fi dead-zones in your home or learning/teaching networking.

Parts List



This is an easy project which uses my opensource Github Repo "pi-ap" to automate the configuration of a Pi into a WiFi Access Point in about 3-4 minutes.


If you can edit a file with nano and change a few values in a variables file, you  can do this project.


This project requires the Github repo "pi-ap" where I maintain the collection of bash scripts which transform an ordinary Pi into a wireless AP (Access Point).


Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4 running Raspbian Stretch or Buster

Additionally required is a DHCP enabled port in a router or switch to connect the Pi's eth0 Ethernet port to.

A good quality *24* AWG Cat6 cable is recommended for the connection, ESPECIALLY if you're using a POE hat to power the AP.

Avoid using a metal case for your pi-ap: this can impede the signal and cause Layer 1 problems.


Although my repo contqins a file with lots of granular detail, I'll digest just the install instructions so you can get started quickly:

1. Connect Pi's eth0 interface to a DHCP enabled port on an Internet-connected router.

2. ssh into Pi (as "pi" user) on IP the Router asssigned to Pi's eth0 interface.

3. Once logged in execute: git clone

4. Change working path: cd pi-ap

5. Edit the variables file: nano This is the ONLY file in repo you need to edit!

6. Execute the install file: sudo ./ This script call all the other scripts in the repo which source the file you edited.

As install proceeds, feedback is echo'ed to your screen allowing you to review the progress or notify you of errors

Wiki/Video Help:


And of course the included in the pi-ap repo with the scripts


Terrence Houlahan, Linux & Network Engineer

I'm a dual-national US/UK Linux & Network Engineer providing enterprise solutions since 2001. Yes, "2001"- when I resigned from NYPD to emigrate from Manhattan's Upper East Side to move to England. Before becoming a boring IT contractor I served as a Task Force Police Officer in NYPD's Transit Bureaus and was a Sergeant in US Army Special Forces. I mostly work in the UK, but have operated as far afield as Northern Nigeria.