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Scope /function gen setup for DUT

hello not sure i am at right support level, if not please advise.

new to electronics, need help on scope setup for curve tracing.hello just joined DEsignspark.

looking for more advice on keysight article"How to use Oscilloscope as a Curve Tracer". 
confused on setup. 
I have Keysight 1000x with built in wave generator, separate output channel. 
but article describes channel 1 and channel 2 connections also. 
Do i connect signal generator to DUT,and also channel 1 and channel 2 probes to DUT,all together? 
if this email is directed to the wrong area, please let me know.

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March 20, 2020 15:04

Yes, you connect the signal generator output to the input of the DUT, and connect channel 1 of the scope to that same point, so the scope can monitor the input (stimulus) to the DUT. Then you connect channel 2 of the scope to monitor the output of the DUT. Depending on the type of DUT, you might be wanting to measure output voltage, or might be wanting to measure output current. If you need to measure the output current, you can do it with a current probe, or by measuring the voltage across a shunt resistor in series with the DUT. (For example, the voltage across a 0.1 ohm resistor will be 0.1 * the current in amps.)
This YouTube video gives more details:


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April 6, 2020 06:39

@BradLevy thanks brad for was great. i have tried various components. some of the patterns or not classic,seem distorted. do you know of a source for additional info on interpretation of my distorted images. maybe a text or video on the various patterns? thanks john

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