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save as PDF multiple sheet drawings

Nick at Alban

I have DSM with the drawing add on. All our 2D drawings are saved as pdf's. Usually I try to get drawings on one page but sometimes they end up on 2 or even more. When they are multiple sheets you MUST tick the tiny box , save all open sheets (see screenshot below) and you MUST ,make sure you have no other 2D drawings open. Unfortuntly I often miss this as I usally have multiple desgns open and as mentioned I use a single sheet if I can. To me this isn't very logical, if a save a drawing (within that sheet) that has multiple sheets of course I want all the pages and of course I dont want some other drawing included.  Is there any kind of work around, setting etc. This has just caused significant work as page 2 didn't go to a subcontractor.

Many Thanks