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Safety Software

CE-CON Safety -
Risk Assessment Software

Obtaining compliance certification for your products has never been easy, but now certifying your machinery according to the international ISO 12100:2010 standard is easier than ever.

Gain safety certification and produce technical documentation quickly with built-in references to the relevant directives and a comprehensive database of safety standards. CE-CON Safety is cloud based, simply log in to start designing safety into your products today.

CE-CON Safety

Save time & money

Build safety into your designs from the start to ensure compliance is achieved in the most streamlined way possible.

Safe & compliant

CE-CON Safety was created to make sure your machinery and products are as safe as possible and have clear evidence of compliance.


CE-CON Safety is offered free for a limited time with full compliance capability and the ability to handle live projects


Harmonised Standard

Apply Risk Assessment according to the globally harmonised standard ISO 12100:2010 with CE-CON Safety.

CE Compliance

Generate a Declaration of Conformity for each project (CE Compliance for projects relevant to the European region or general declaration for all other regions).


CE-CON Safety provides documentary evidence that the risk assessment process has successfully applied according to ISO 12100:2010.

Top FAQs

Will DesignSpark continue to offer the Free Of Charge ‘DesignSpark Safety – Risk Assessment Software’ tool?

DesignSpark will no longer offer a free of charge tool however, we have worked with CE-CON to provide options that will allow existing projects to be saved and give you access to new tool options.

What is the business arrangement between DesignSpark and CE-CON

CE Con and DesignSpark are independent companies. The ‘DesignSpark Safety – Risk Assessment Software’ was developed for DesignSpark by CE-CON.
CE-CON will continue to independently support customers looking for help on compliance and risk assessment projects.

How can I contact CE-CON directly?

You can reach CE-CON at:
Tel: +49 421 9440674 - 57

How can I ask DesignSpark a question?

We have set up a DesignSpark form HERE where you can ask DS Safety related questions.

I have a new design, can I use the free DesignSpark tool?

No. New designs will not be saved and you risk losing your work.
Please Follow the link above to CE-CON Safety to explore suitable options.

I have an existing project, what will happen to this?

Project files will be kept for a period of 1 year.

Follow the link above to CE-CON Safety and you will be guided through screens that will help us verify your identity and authorise retrieval of your project files.

How does GDPR affect my user data?

As you originally agreed to DesignSpark terms and conditions, your design data is anonymised. If you wish to recover your design project, you will be guided through identity verification.

Once matched and approved, you will be given the option to recover your design into the CE-CON tool outside the DesignSpark environment.

How can I continue using the safety and compliance software?

CE-CON are directly offering alternative tools and upgrade pathways to support your continued use of their tools.

Where should I go for continued design software support?

CE-CON will continue to support your designs, their details are above.

If I want to purchase software, who should I contact?

You can reach CE-CON at:
Tel: +49 421 9440674 - 57


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