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With the RS Toolbox App you always have access to new features as soon as they’re released. We're always working to improve the App for our users and here are the latest improvements that we have made


v3.6 - 27.03.2017

- New Unit Conversion Tool: Convert a range of different units quickly and easily. Whether you're converting Energy or Area, Mass or temperature, this new tool is for you.
- New DesignSpark Tool: Enables you to access our DesignSpark community whilst on the move. Read articles, find out about our latest design tools, or get project support from over 500,000 other community members.
- Limit on Projects removed: Users can now store unlimited projects (instead of 1)

v3.5 – 16.12.2016

- Possibility to print RS Barcodes using AirPrint Printers
- Full integration of the DesignSpark Product Data Library (PDL)
- Improved Product finder category browsing

v3.3 - 26.09.2016

- New RS Pro Products Tool: A tool that contains the entire catalog of 45,000 RS Pro products
- New RS Pro Alternatives Tool: As the high quality, low cost alternative to other branded products, find out which RS Pro product you can use to replace your current product. Available as a dedicated tool in the ‘Compare’ group as well as a link at the bottom of the Product Detail Pages (Line Level) of the RS Product Finder.
- All available tools are now grouped for ease of use
- The App is now compatible with iOS 10 and the new iPhone 7. Also, several Databases and sections of the App have been updated.

v3.2 - 01.06.2016 

- New 3D model viewer
- Some bug fixes and enhancements 

v3.1 - 14.03.2016 

- Search and browse our entire range of 500.000 products - Watch The Video
- Scan RS barcodes for easy product identification
- See real-time stock- and pricing information
- View product details and data sheets
- Order straight from the app

v3.0 - 05.12.2015

- New Premium Brands section
- New PCB optimal Mitre calculation tool
- New Packages Tool
- Some bug fixes and enhancements

v2.2.3 - 03.09.2015 

- 64 Bit Support
- Minor additional improvements

v2.2 - 19.05.2015 

- Minor improvements

v2.0.3 - 08.11.2014 

- The issue of missing results in some tools has been solved
- The data update issue has been resolved

v2.0 - 01.12.2014

- New Raspberry Pi Tool added
- New NTC/PTC Tool added
- Design Changes
- Content Updates

v1.1.4 - 06.11.2014

- iOS 8 and iPhone 6x adaptations
- Fix of a crash caused by a certain combination of Language and Country
- Some minor corrections

v1.1 - 20.07.2014

- Two new minitools: Delta Star Calculator and Constant Current Calculator
- Major App re-write to take full advantage of iOS 7 and make it compatible with iOS 8
- Now supporting additional iOS 7 feaures such as special animations, list swiping, popover selections and more...
- Improved action button, opens a popover selection with several options based upon the current situation
- Improved 'add... to project' and printing, now real values and images will be copied to the selected project or printed
- New unit oz/ft2, e.g. for trace thickness in the PCB Trace width tool

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