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RS Think Hub – product comparison and expert advice – beta release

RS Think Hub has been designed to help engineers find, search and compare the products they need, quickly and easily. In the last twelve months, we’ve spoken to a broad range of engineers to understand them and their work, and to discover what we could do to make it easier, better and faster.

RS Think Hub


There are two parts to the beta version of RS Think Hub.

Product Comparison Tool

This lets engineers choose the sensor they want, quickly and easily, filtering by attributes, CAD files, datasheets and more. It saves engineers time and effort for a task that currently can take them a frustrating amount of time. No other company offers this functionality.

What The Expert Says

Engineers can view questions, product information, YouTube tutorials and more. We have hundreds of questions for them to look at, with more to come. Plus, they can get answers to specific questions from an RS engineer (not a bot!) within two working days.

What's next?

The beta release will focus on proximity sensors, then in the coming months we’ll expand to other products. After the beta release in the new year, we’ll make amendments based on feedback and users’ comments. Following that will come the full launch.

RS Think Hub – simpler engineering.

You can visit the site here.

RS Think Hub has been specifically designed for engineers. It helps them buy the products they need, quickly and easily, and give them answers to their technical questions. Think Hub is launching its beta release in October 2022 with our Product Comparison Tool, which lets engineers filter and find the exact products they need, and What the Expert Says – an area engineers can go to for answers to specific technical questions, video tutorials and much more.
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