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9 May 2016, 11:45

RS Pro portable Wi-Fi microscopes for easy inspection

Industrial inspection of electronic or mechanical assemblies is a doddle with RS Pro’s portable, compact and easy to use Wi-Fi microscopes.

The range of Mic-Fi microscopes is ideal for quality control inspections, such as PCB soldering, as well as a host of industrial inspection applications.

The range features six different microscope models, each with its own special feature:

Mic-Fi Digital
This is the standard 5x-200x magnification version featuring digital colour with built-in Wi-Fi wireless transmission allowing for transfer of microscope images and videos.

Mic-Fi Polarised
This model additionally features a built-in adjustable polariser for reducing reflection or glare from shiny objects.

Mic-Fi UVW
Allows inspection of objects under UV or white light, which is ideal for biomedical or forensic purposes.

Mic-Fi High Magnification
This model features 500x-600x magnification for enhanced definition.

Mic-Fi Long Distance
Ideal for rework, assembly and repair with its wide field of view. Features magnification power of 10x-160x.

Mic-Fi TV
This model uses an RCA cable and Wi-Fi receiver base to connect and display microscope output to a wide range of TVs.


All microscopes’ output – with the exception of Mic-Fi TV which outputs directly to a TV monitor – is sent via Wi-Fi directly to a tablet, smartphone or PC using the companion ‘Mic-Fi’ app (available free from Google Play or the App Store). The app is easy to use and provides simple functionality for the measurement and capture of videos and images from microscopes.
The microscopes can be attached to a complementary range of stands for hands-free, stable operation if required and each microscope model is available with either EU or UK plug types.

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9 May 2016, 11:45


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