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RS Pro Non-contact industrial Infrared Temperature Sensor


RS-Components has kindly sent me one of their new RS-PRO non-contact temperature sensors to review and use with my Lab experiments

In this video, we will have a first look at the module and how to set up the temperature range and output voltage range via the built-in display

This unit is only 30x30mm and will sense from 0 to 1000°C

The sensor works by detecting infrared energy that is emitted by the target object. The temperature is shown on the sensor’s built-in OLED display and can be monitored continuously via the DC voltage output, e.g. with industrial process instrumentation. The sensor also has a configurable alarm output

Its extremely small size makes it ideal for installation
where space is restricted

For more info please see attached datasheets - and to buy one click (161-8103)

RS-Components sent me the sensor for free but the review is unbiased and the review is not paid for with the exception of me keeping the review product.

I will be sharing experiments using this sensor in coming months and were it makes sense I will separate the sensor specific portion for educational purposes


With a background in Industrial Electronics, Solutions Architecture and programming, I now spend my time working on my YouTube channel ( ) where I create educational videos showing how to use various devices including Test and measurement, Home and industrial Automation, Components and other fun things I am sent to review or include in projects. I will also create many projects to showcase the use of these items

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