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RS Pro HS608 MeterScope Competition Entry

Being a student of electronics engineering I have great use of a high-quality multimeter and oscilloscope. For school, leisure projects, and in my professional life later, scopes and meters will always be useful. The fact that this particular meterscope has so many features makes it highly valuable for my electronics prototyping, calibrating temperature sensors, troubleshooting hardware issues in computers and other appliances, and countless other uses.

Having a scope as part of the multimeter would allow me to fix things such as audio amplifiers and other more complex units which I would hesitate to attempt without one. And to make things even more wonderful, this unit has it all in a small, rugged package! That means it can fit in my tiny office/workstation as well as allowing me to use it for projects out of the house. 

As you can see space in my office/workspace corner is rather limited, so a full-sized scope simply couldn't fit in, unfortunately. 

Robin Gjølstad

Electrician and Student Engineer


Editor's Note: Great work, you mentioned our presenters' names correctly* and are in the draw to win yourself a Meterscope HS608 courtesy of RS Pro"


*Names removed by Editor

robingjolstad has not written a bio yet…

21 May 2018, 8:28