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29 Nov 2018, 14:18

(RS Pro DSO entry) Microcontroller project (Solar, motor)

My current project is to build an MPPT microcontroller module and matching power electronics. Also a replacement for a dead module for driving a 12V fridge with BLDC motor. The design work and much of the components I have ready, I just need a way to measure waveforms.

Also shown in the photo is a TI devboard with a BLDC motor drive board capable of driving my small fridge compressor. Long term plan is to have the fridge talk to the solar power system over CAN bus, my recent failed CAN experiments proved I need better equipment to do this.

I know I cannot just apply power and hope it works, the controller needs to be tested first. PWM waveforms checked, current draw measured. All too easy to fry silicon due to switching spikes, over current or poor switching rates. Guesswork won't help solve any of this, I need a fast 4 channel scope to monitor the signals, voltages and current sensors.

I was saving up for a 100MHz multifunction scope with 16 Digital Inputs, they don't come cheap but I had 2/3rds of the money needed. Alas life got in the way, and the money got spent on what was important at the time, but proved not to be.

My favourite piece of test gear is My EEVBlog branded BM235, shown in photo. Please excuse the clean desk, I'm soldering a pile of 0603SMD parts and I needed to see where they escape to.. I was in need of new multimeter after my $30 one stopped giving anyway accurate resistance readings, and cleaning the contacts only helped some. I need more professional equipment for my projects, this was the place to start.

Should I win, I will definately provide feedback on what I think of the RS Pro RSDS1204CFL Oscilloscope.I have no problem with reviewing products properly, that is how it works as a tool rather than looks. 

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29 Nov 2018, 14:18