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RS Pro DSO entry

I am an electronics engineering student, currently half way through my degree, a DSO would be a great addition to my small but growing collection of test equipment. Although I have access to DSOs during my time at the university, I only have a basic analogue scope at home, which is fine for continuous signals but not so useful when I want to capture digital signal for analysis, such as pulling off data from a serial connection. This scope would not only be a great tool to aid me better understand the principles and projects that I cover at university, but it would save time with fault finding of my own projects, or general investigations of circuit boards. I am currently playing around with a small project for an octapod, this scope would have saved me so much time with some of the initial issues in understanding what signals were being outputted. 

I tend to use my old bench power supply the most since all of my projects need power, however, after that I would say my handheld multimeter is used more often than anything else. Although a basic tool it allows me to quickly and simply determine part values, check inputs to and outputs from circuits as well as basic fault finding for when something is not doing what it should be. It doesn't do everything, but it has helped me out with various issues with my projects and my car. 


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7 Nov 2018, 9:06