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6 Aug 2018, 14:54

RS PRO 3D entry - Marcel

Thanks for making this contest, 3D printing is a hot topic right now and I see huge potential in this technology. 

1) My plan for my first 3D printed project.
After learning 3D imaging drawing and be more familiar with the DesignSpark Mechanical drawing tool I will create a 3D printed Rubiks Cube. The cubes are connected with magnets. The centre core will have strong neodymium magnets, while the outside has smaller neodymium magnets. This cube contains 27 cubes, with 4 different designs of cubes (for the different placement of magnets). 

Other projects will be cases for my Arduino/Raspberry Pi boards and projects.

2) DesignSpark Mechanical image
See attached, a first drawing of the Rubiks Cube's parts.


3) Coolest 3D printing application
At the Maker Faire Bay Area (San Francisco) I saw a 3D printer that prints products with clay. It printed containers, vases, jars and pots. Attached is an image of the product I made at this event. This product just had his Kickstarter project, what was successfully founded. It was really cool to see something printed that isn't plastic. 

Kind regards,



Test Engineer. Love to play with embedded hardware and software.

6 Aug 2018, 14:54