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RS Components Sponsors Our Novel Beach Cleaning Robot Prototype

We are a group of 4 MEng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students carrying out our final year project. A lot of our hardware is from RS components (one of our project sponsors) and we're excited to show our progress. The project is sponsored by RS-Components, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, SNC-Lavalin's Atkins, Glasgow Eco Trust and Ruudra-Scott Plastics.

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July 14, 2021 13:25

Can this project be implemented for EXTC BE project?

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April 4, 2019 07:41

Has it been tested with seaweed ?
One of the few things I can see being almost as light as cigarette butts and plastics.

Improvements I can see for the overall design:
1. Angled edges on the casing to reduce damage.
2. Increased ride height, having the whole machine that low down makes it easy to bottom out on uneven sand or big rocks. Only the feeder system needs to be that low.

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March 19, 2019 07:30

Awesome idea, sounds like this could become a useful tool to the authorities that currently look after beaches. Maybe solar power would help, certainly extend the life between recharges.

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March 11, 2019 19:41

Great Idea! Your project should not end after finishing your MEng Study, This project should be supported by European Governments or even by Managers of big companys.I know that beaches everywehre are contaminated by plastic particles. Some of them are microscopic and others can be visually detected by human eye or vision cameras.
Does your filtering system separate really micro particles?
I think you should have different system for cleanig beaches, e.g. One for detection of big parts like tires or big plastic boxes. A second one for small parts, another one for very small parts. That may be a separation and cleaning team of systems.
Do you have specified all parts and particles that made beaches dirty?
There is no question, many beaches are contaminated by plastics of different sizes and colors in all continents specially those that have a big tourist afluency.
There is right now very hard job to do if we want to have plastic free or contaminats free beaches. And that is only the "easy" part, To clean the oceans is the very hard part. Do you have also an idea how to clean the ocean?

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