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24 Feb 2020, 15:49

Win €5000 in the ROIBOT igus Low Cost Automation Competition

Automation has become a crucial step in today's industries as companies strive to keep up with their competition, customer needs and always provide cutting-edge technologies.

Robotic systems are able to undertake monotonous and dangerous tasks, ensuring employee well-being and profitability of small to medium or large enterprises.

Gantry or cartesian robots are robotic systems that can move on the known cartesian space of X,Y and Z, most industries are already familiar with them and they are used where modularity, precision and big working envelopes are required.

Customised igus cartesian Robot

Articulated robot arms are best when a flexible system is required, as their degrees of freedom can be increased or decreased easily and due to the mechanics being inspired from our human hand, it can access very confined spaces or pick and place products through a gate door.
Although widely used in the industry their control still requires software that can calculate the inverse kinematics to enable the robot to move on the cartesian X,Y,Z / A,B,C or to move the robot to different points while keeping the TCP (tool centre point) in the same orientation to perform welding, gluing, scanning and more numerous tasks.

Robolink DP Articulated Robot Arm

Finally, the delta robot is mostly used in pick and place applications of lightweight objects in tremendous speeds. An igus delta robot can easily perform 60 picks/ minute.
Although delta robots are one of the latest addition in the robotic systems inventory, the demand for them is very high as speed and accurate positioning respond to today’s industry needs.

igus Drylin Delta Robot

Although a necessity, automation continues to bear the same financial risks as other investments.
One major factor that has to be factored in, is the well-known ROI or Return of Investment.
In simple terms, each robot employed in todays workplace incurs an up-front cost to a company and generates some wealth after a specific period of time. When effectively the robot has paid for itself the ROI is achieved, and companies are interested in robotic system with as low ROI as possible.

By heavily investing in the Low Cost Automation sector igus UK has aimed to reduce the ROI and in turn the investment risks for companies that want to automate.
To achieve this a combination of benefits is used to all of igus robots including:

  • Maintenance free components due to the self-lubricating plain and linear plastic bearings.
  • Standardisation of all robot components: From a single bearing to a full-built robotic system, all options come ex-stock, reducing lead time and manufacturing costs.
  • Controlled from the D1 Dryve Controller that makes motion control easy, further lowering commissioning time either through a PC, micro-controller or an industrial PLC.
  • Service life calculation for every part of the robotic system enabled by our iglidur and drylin online calculators to avoid down-time and increase profitability.


 Wanted, exciting applications with quick ROI

This year, we are running a competition and searching for existing Low-Cost Robotics applications, which have led to a quick return on investment (ROI). The robolink articulated arm robots, drylin delta robots and cartesian gantry robots can be used.

An expert jury consisting of members from research, specialist press and manufacturers will evaluate the concepts. The winner will receive prize money of €5,000, second place will receive €2,500 and third place will receive €1,000. The deadline for submission is 15th March 2020. The prize will be awarded by igus at the 2020 Automatica exhibition in Munich, which is the leading trade show for intelligent automation and robotics. The winners will receive a personal invitation including accommodation. Participants can register on the website 

You can register by clicking on the button below. 


Electro-mechanical background with interest in motion control and automation, DC, EC, Steppers! Low Cost Automation Engineer at igus, UK.

24 Feb 2020, 15:49