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What would you invent - human shaped robot related.

We're recording another #DesignSparkPodcast soon - and need your ideas relating to human shaped robots ... 

What would you invent (or want someone to invent) relating to human - shaped robots?


March 4, 2019 09:04

I wouldn’t mind my own Iron Man style flying suit. That’s human shaped and robotics right?

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February 27, 2019 08:58

I'd send a robot me to work and see if they notice

February 25, 2019 13:29

Humanoid robotics is an interesting field as the applications are a lot more detached from what we commonly consider to be robots e.g. designed to do a lot of the dirty, dangerous and repetitive work and what we might also refer to as "drones". I feel humanoid robots or "androids" represent a higher level of progress in their potential ability to actually substitute for a human with applications in areas such as care and mental health. To be effective in this area though, robots need to elicit emotional empathy with its user and have a better comprehension of human cognition - which then leads us to the field of cybernetics and a question of how do we accurately replicate a human brain to meet these requirements? Hollywood and popular media has fantasied a lot around these idea in titles such as "I Robot", "Ghost in the Shell" and most recently "Detroit: Become Human" but I think with the development of neural processing, AI, machine learning and computer vision could make this the next logical step.

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