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Robotics In A Nutshell - Tutorial 2 - Introduction to CAD

In the second part of the Robotics In A Nutshell tutorial series, Yordan Tsvetkov of HumanED will elaborate on the CAD techniques presented in the first tutorial to finish the design of the biomimetic finger.

Last time, the basic functionality of Onshape was shown and the middle part of the finger was created using the basic CAD operations of sketching, extruding, filleting and chamfering. This time, the base and tip sections will be created, demonstrating more of Onshape's available tools. Finally, the finger will be assembled within Onshape inside the Assembly environment. The following commands of the software are demonstrated in today's tutorial:

  • Environments:
    • Part Studio
    • Assembly
  • Revolve
  • Offset Plane
  • Loft
  • Mirror (Feature, Part)
  • Fastened Mate
  • Revolute Mate

With this video, the CAD part of the tutorials will conclude.

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