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Robotics In A Nutshell - Tutorial 1 - Introduction to CAD

Robotics, In A Nutshell, is a series of tutorials containing everything you need to know about robotics in 6 videos. The series is prepared by the University of Edinburgh humanoid robotics society HumanED and is aimed to be approachable to people with no previous experience in the field. Together, we'll go through the design, simulation, manufacturing and programming of a biomimetic finger that will serve as a strong foundation to explore the field.

In the first video, Yordan Tsvetkov will present the basics of computer-aided design (CAD) in one of the most popular CAD platforms - Onshape. Our goal will be to complete the middle section of the biomimetic finger in 15 minutes while also learning how to navigate Onshape and use basic sketching and 3D modelling. This video goes over the following commands:

  • Navigating Onshape
  • Creating sketches in planes and on faces
  • Sketch geometry creation tools (Rectangle, Line, Circle etc.)
  • Sketch geometry modification tools (Trim, Mirror etc.)
  • Constraints
  • Extrude
  • Cut Extrude
  • Chamfer
  • Fillet

This is the first half of the CAD part of the tutorials. In the second half, the design of the finger will be completed and further Onshape tools and commands will be explored.

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