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DS Rewards

Grow your reputation within the DesignSpark Community

Grow your reputation within the DesignSpark Community

Earn badges and experience points (XP) to level up and compare your DesignSpark rank with your peers

Redeem a badge code

Received a DesignSpark badge code from an event? Enter it here so you can proudly display it on your profile

Earn XP

Gain experience points (XP) for all your DesignSpark activity – commenting, subscribing, watching, and more!

Level Up

As your XP grows, so does your DesignSpark level – check out your profile to see your current position

Show how you rank

Compare your DesignSpark level against other community members in your local area and worldwide

Earn badges

A full range of exclusive member-only badges gained for special activities and events

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XP?

XP stands for ‘experience points’. XP are awarded for completing certain actions on DesignSpark and are added automatically to your profile when you take that action.

How do I earn XP?


XP points awarded

Being followed

50 XP (awarded only to the user being followed)


50 XP removed (removed from the user prev. followed)

Add an avatar to profile

25 XP 

Add social media links

10 XP each link (3 in total)

Like article

50 XP to author

Watch article

10 XP to watcher

Unwatch article

10 XP removed from watcher


25 XP awarded to commenter

Reply to comment

25 XP awarded to replier

Publish a Question

50 XP awarded to author

Publish an article

100 XP awarded to author

Subscribe to tech hub

25XP awarded to subscriber

Unsubscribe to tech hub

25 XP removed from subscriber

Profile - Complete Company or University details

50 XP awarded to user

Profile - Complete bio

25 XP awarded to user

Profile - remove bio

25 XP removed from user

What are levels?

Levels provide an indication of your DesignSpark rank and how active you are as a DesignSpark member. You will gain one level for every 500 XP you earn.

How do I level up?

Take a look at ‘How do I earn XP’ to see what you can earn points for. Complete the actions to earn XP and gain one level for every 500 XP you earn.

I've seen a "Pioneer" badge, what is this?

The Pioneer badge is only awarded to DesignSpark members that joined us in our first year.

I've received a badge code, what do I do with it?

At the top of this page is a space where you can redeem this code for your badge