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Reference Design of RENESAS PowerPoint Presenter

This is a reference design of the RENESAS PowerPoint Presenter, one of the example solutions available using RL78 / G1D. It is in a format that you can use with our free DesignSpark PCB software to edit and use freely. Please refer to the end of this article for downloads of the PowerPoint Presenter project.



The RENESAS PowerPoint presenter is a board which allows you to control slideshows using Bluetooth. By installing the RL78 / G1D microcomputer on this board, it is possible to control the slideshow smoothly from a remote place with low current and low power consumption using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). The functions of switching to the next slide, previous slide, or switching the screen off are assigned to the three buttons on the board. As an example, you can use the PowerPoint Presenter to connect the PC with Bluetooth and use it for your own presentation.

Key features

  • Slideshow can be controlled smoothly
  • Low current and low power consumption
  • Operation of next page / previous page / screen OFF is assigned
  • You can use the PC slideshow remotely to help presentation
PowerPoint presenter communicates with PC and BLE


Schematic of PowerPoint Presenter


PCB Layout of PowerPoint presenter 


11_77a59737c73ac1a56bccad9c97785d16be977c59.png 1_裏_58917fdcb7b8eebe5982c83f8b41f5ea217eb945.png

3D View of PowerPoint presenter PCB (Top)

3D View of PowerPoint presenter PCB (Bottom)


BOM List (Key Components)

RS Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number




24 5602 024 000 829H+ K

KYOCERA Connector Products

RL78/G1D BLE Module Socket



Memory Protection Devices

CR2032 Cell Battery Holder




Power LED (red, 0805)



Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC

Action LED (green, 0805)


WS-DITV series- 418117270901

Wurth Electronics Inc.

Switch Slide DIP SPST 25MA 24V




Push Switch (6*6mm SMT)



Renesas Electronics

BLE Module included in the RTK0EN0001D01001BZ


Technical documents

Download related technical documents

About Renesas RL78 Quick Solution 


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