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Reference Design -ROHM Buck DC/DC Converter BD9E102FJ

The reference circuit design of DC/DC Converter BD9E102FJ  (146-7659)  was converted into Designspark PCB format. The BD9E102FJ is a 7.0V to 26V input, 1.0A, integrated MOSFET single synchronous buck switching regulator.

3D View


Buck DC/DC Converter BD9E102FJ

The BD9E102FJ is a synchronous buck switching regulator with low on-resistance built-in power MOSFETs. High efficiency at light load with a SLLM(TM). It is most suitable for use in the equipment to reduce the standby power is required. It is a current mode control DC/DC converter and features high-speed transient response. Phase compensation can also be set easily.


  • Input voltage range: 7.0V to 26V
  • Adjustable output voltage range: 1.0V to VIN x 0.7V
  • Maximum output current: 1.0 A (Max.)
  • Switching frequency: 570 kHz (Typ.)
  • High-Side MOSFET on-resistance: 250 mΩ (Typ.)
  • Low-Side MOSFET on-resistance: 200 mΩ (Typ.)
  • Shutdown current: 0 μA (Typ.)

What are included in the reference design file?

A Schematics design file (.sch), a PCB layout design file(.pcb), and parts library files for the design are provided. A RS part number and size information of parts are already linked to each part in the library. So you can directly order parts to RS by using the BOM quote feature, or can convert PCB files into 3D CAD data to design and simulate cases of boards. Of course, parts in the library would be used in another design. 



PCB layout


Parts library


Convert Designspark PCB designs into Designspark Mechanical 3D models


What is DesignSpark PCB format?

DesignSpark PCB is an award-winning software package for schematic capture and PCB layout, available for FREE from RS Components. Our software is easy to learn and use yet surprisingly powerful. DesignSpark PCB is now widely adopted in the industry as a standard format for design file sharing and collaboration. This is especially useful in the prototyping phase where most of the innovation takes place. Not yet a DesignSpark PCB user? 



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