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Reference Design of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester

This is a reference design of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester. The RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester was converted into DesignSpark PCB format. Download link of the project files and the article of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester could be found in the datasheet attachment.

Check water quality and detect hazardous substances in areas such as industrial wastewater, aquariums… etc. By dipping the front part of the device into the water and gently stir to dislodge any bubbles, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) can be detected immediately. Measured value will display on the LCD monitor and saved by pressing the Hold button for convenient reading and recording. Temperature (°C/°F) can also be displayed by pressing the Temp button. The device includes an auto-off function, which will shut off automatically after 5 minutes without use.

0011_88ced73fb3923e2d5f8797ea24993727e323bc57.pngSchematic of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester





PCB layout of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester


3D view of RENESAS TDS Water Quality Tester

BOM list of the board (Key Components):

RS Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number






NTC thermister (10K, ±10% )



Renesas Electronics





IC shift register 8-bit 14-TSSOP



RS Pro

CONN Header 4x1, 2.54 mm



Bourns Inc

Trimmer 2 K, 0.1 W

Technical documents

Download related technical documents

About Renesas RL78 Quick Solution 

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