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25 Oct 2017, 13:35

Reference Design of RENESAS Smoke Detector

This is a reference design of the RENESAS smoke detector, which is one of the example solutions available using RL78 / I1D. It is in a format that you can use with our free DesignSpark PCB software to edit and use freely as required. Please refer to the end of this article for downloads of the RENESAS Smoke Detector project files.


The RENESAS smoke detector is a board that can detect smoke in the air. The RL78 / G1D microcontroller, which can be mounted on this board, is suitable for sensor applications such as detectors because it can operate with low power consumption and high-speed wakeup. In addition, the RENESAS smoke detector does not only detect smoke, but can also be used for temperature sensing, light sensing, or other types of detector.

Key features

  • Detect smoke in the air indicating a fire
  • Operate with low power consumption
  • High speed wake up possible
  • Other detectors can be created
Operation image of smoke detector


Schematic of smoke detector


Smoke detector board layout


3D View of smoke detector board


BOM List (Key components)

RS Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number





Renesas Electronics

MCU RL78/l1D 16 bit 8 KB 768 B LSSOP20 Renesas




Inductor radial ELC08D 10uH Panasonic 10 H 20% Ferrite




Kingstate 5V ac PCB Mount Electromagnetic Buzzer, 85dB




M20 Header, Pin, Sil, Vertical, 4 W HARWIN M20 Series,



ON Semiconductor

Zener Diode 1.5W 3.3V 5% ESD 16KV SMA ON







RS Components

2 way 1 row header,0.1in pitch 7mm pin RS Pro, 2.54mm


Technical documents

Download related technical documents

About Renesas RL78 Quick Solution 


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Hi, Everyone. I am postgraduate student of UEC in Tokyo, studying regarding Information Science, especially ITS and its security. I have studied various security, such as In-vehicle netowork (CAN), etc.

25 Oct 2017, 13:35



January 18, 2018 10:14

It can detect smoke,but i´d like to know if it can detect a percentage of smoke or if it only can read high or low.
Congratulations on the great article.

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