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RENESAS Smart Lock Reference Design

This is the reference design of RENESAS Smart Lock, which is one of the example solutions using RL78 / G1D. It is provided in a format that allows you to use it with our free DesignSpark PCB software to edit it freely. To download the RENESAS Smart Lock project files, please refer to the end of this article.



RENESAS Smart Lock is a board that allows key unlocking/locking using Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) on the board, RL78 / G1D can be used to remotely lock and unlock keys and confirm the status with low current and low power consumption. As an example, it is possible to improve safety by locking/unlocking keys and checking the status of the application via a smartphone. There is also an alarm notification function when the key is disconnected in a locked state, or the password change function is used.

Key features

  • Remote key locking/unlocking, confirmation of status
  • Low current consumption and low power consumption
  • Key control with smartphone
  • Alarm function and password change function when key is disconnected
Example of smart lock operation


Schematic of Smart Lock


Smart Lock Board Layout


3D view of smart lock board


BOM List (Key components)

RS Part Number

Manufacturing Part Number




24 5602 024 000 829H+

KYOCERA Connector Products

RL78/G1D BLE Module Socket








150mA LDO Regulator 3.3V Shutdown SOT23



RS Components

2 way 1 row header,0.1in pitch 7mm pin RS Pro, 2.54mm




Green 0805 CHIPLED LG R971 Osram Opto CHIPLED 0805



Texas Instruments

single low voltage, low power, comparator with open-drain


Technical documents

Download related technical documents

About Renesas RL78 Quick Solution 


What is DesignSpark PCB format?

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November 14, 2017 08:22

what is this physical device that this board controls to lock and unlock a door?

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March 20, 2018 13:56

Sorry for the late reply.
We use the lock made of plastic in demonstration and it is controlled by DC motor.
But you can customize the mechanical part of lock with your own idea.

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