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Rear mounting of cable assemblies saves time and money

As the landscape of production and manufacturing continues to evolve, meeting the demands placed on components within control panels becomes more and more challenging. Companies now need the ability to change the configuration of their connections quickly and efficiently in order to offer their customers the flexibility of modular manufacturing. What’s more, this process needs to be an efficient and straightforward process as unscheduled downtime in production can be extremely costly for businesses.

In addition, the connections themselves need to be secure and durable in order to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments. HARTING has over 70 years’ experience of producing robust industrial connectors and the latest additions to the Han® range give manufacturers simple yet reliable solutions, even as markets and industries evolve.

Han-Eco® B is a new series of hoods and housings in the Han-Eco® portfolio, available in a range of designs including bulkhead, surface mount, and cable-to-cable. The Han-Eco® range is manufactured from high-performance polyamide plastic, which complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2, offers IP65 protection and substantial weight savings compared to traditional metal housings. In addition, the hoods and housings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to their resistance to environmental impacts.

A big advantage of using Han-Eco® B in control panels is the time-savings that can be achieved, thanks mainly to the ability to rear mount inserts. Installation technicians no longer need to install cables through the bulkhead mounted housing before assembling the contact inserts. Instead, pre-assembled inserts can be directly snapped into the housing from the rear, simplifying cabinet assembly and saving you time and money. This development also gives you the flexibility to pre-assemble the switch cabinet units and cable harnesses separately if you wish, further improving efficiency and time-savings.  

Both monobloc and modular inserts can be inserted into the Han-Eco® B housings, the latter in combination with the Han-Modular® hinged frame, giving you an unparalleled choice of data, signal and power options. Furthermore, the Han-Eco® B is entirely compatible with standard metal Han® B housings, meaning both variants can be integrated into your production equipment.

HARTING Ltd is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking. We use this expertise to craft solutions for the transportation, data transmission, wind energy, mechanical engineering, factory automation, automotive and robotics markets. HARTING also design and manufacture cable assemblies, box builds, kit assemblies and modified products at our UK facility in Northampton.
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