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1 Nov 2016, 11:06

Really! Can anyone be a coder? HOW?

Right from birth every action we embarked on was a hidden code in action and that means anyone is connected to coding. Your brain brings an idea and your body acts. Translate these hidden instructions from your brain or thoughts into visual prints or characters to perform an automated action and you would have arrived as a coder.

Let's look at some simplistic analogies:

  1. A coder is one who rewrites some naturally occurring actions in a step by step format as a guide to automate the actions of a device. 
  2. A code requires a platform. A guardian would bring up their child in their own way by passing life strategies and guidance to the child. Such instructions may include jargons which only the child and their guardian would understand. These instructions from guardian to child can be viewed as codes and the unique source of instructions which is the guardian can be viewed as a platform. Each platform has its recognisable instructions (i.e. code) meaning you should obey the rules of each platform as a programmer. Cloud coding is platform independent. Cloud is what you want to be on in our present time and the immediate future. The future is in the clouds!

Coding requires planning.

You may have heard these words whilst you were trying to walk, ‘a step at a time'. Coding is basically the same principle where each step of activity in an overall action has to be written down.

The structural organisation of such step by step instructions to ultimately undertake an action is what we call an application.

Well, good for introduction, now let's discuss some of the uses of coding.

I work as a database platform manager in DesignSpark

which is an innovative team in RSComponents

which is a UK electronics giant created by Electrocomponents PLC.

We have applications DSE, DSM and DSPCB. These applications or softwares create a virtual but visual working environment for engineers which boosts innovation. Some of the complex steps that would be required to create such electronic, mechanical or electrical parts are eliminated by using simple drag and drop which is made possible by a set of complex and structured instructions programmed by a coder. DSE, DSM and DSPCB applications are free so you can build your own engineering models from here and what a great way to put some practicality in your engineering career and for smaller engineering businesses, no license fee and no license renewal, so, what are you waiting for?

Currently I have created the DS_DVA which is a data validation application that allows the import of bulk DesignSpark business data and also allows manual manipulation and automatic validation of some DesignSpark business data.

Guess what! I started off as a BSc. biochemist from Ghana, got to experience the extent to which I can explore scientific data through statistical analysis through my BSc degree project. This fascinating experience grew my curiosity and when I decided to stay in the UK some fourteen years ago I intentionally stumbled into MCDBA through my passion to know more about Structural Database and data analysis. I moved things to a higher level by pursuing MSc. Bioinformatics where I could now create database web applications that perform data analysis. With my present skills, my opportunities in life are limitless and I get to influence the direction of our world.

As Sigelman said

Coding is not just for coders anymore,” so If I can do it, so can you.

So now go out there and look for coding tutorials, go for lessons, study programming, gain knowledge and let's change our world.

Literally, Everyone Can Code.

I work as the Database Platform Manager in DesignSpark which is an innovative team in RSComponents which is part of Electrocomponents PLC. I studied in Cranfield University, UK, and completed with a Master Of Science (MSc.) in Applied Bioinformatics. I am passionate about the extraction of data, the creation of data analytical platforms and also making such data analytical platforms available to users in the form of database web applications. I'm all about DIGITAL.

1 Nov 2016, 11:06