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Andrea Nuyken

April 20, 2017 12:35

Realize the power saving features of RL78 microcontrollers

Reduce specification goal misses and system configuration errors by using the RENESAS ENGINEER SCHOOL Web tool







Power consumption is often a problem while developing battery powered equipment & power supply restricted device. We often hear cases such as “consumption current actual measured current exceeded the target value” which is due to insufficient estimation during the specification planning stage

Low power consumption is usually required in embedded control machines, therefore, an overall understanding of system design & implementation becomes necessary. However, extensive prior experience is required in order to get to that level. Lack of experience may lead to ineffective power consumption valuation and careless mistakes.

Especially for microcontrollers, consumption current will change by the behavior of installed software. In circumstances where hardware and software design are separated, the combined consumption current will be measured in the final stage of development. If the actual figure is   higher than first estimated, it will take numerous man-hours just to match the consumption current value with the original estimated

In order to solve this type of problem, Renesas Electronics investigated the MCU current measurement method to imitate actual testing. Therefore the current estimation tool better facilitates the initial stage of development, such as specification planning.

To manage problems such as serious development schedule delays, Renesas Electronics provides free “Current Consumption Calculator” & “Current Consumption Simulator” for consumption current evaluation to RL78. Both tools are part of the “Renesas Engineer School” landing page.



For example, by using the Current Consumption Calculator, even novice designers with little experience can achieve smooth process specification planning (Fig 1). Since the required estimation information is confirmed, there is no need to worry about miscalculation. After crosschecking the estimated result against spreadsheet software such as Excel, the user can proceed to the next procedure with confidence


To learn more you are kindly invited to the RENESAS ENGINEER SCHOOL Web tool

Fig. 2: Renesas Engineer School

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  • Introduction to Digital Circuits - Revisiting Beginners' Class
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers - Let’s Try! Embedded Systems Programming
  • Introductory Gadget Building - The Build-Your-Own Challenge
  • MCU Programming: Basics - Essentials of MCU Use Learning about Peripherals
  • Take Advantage of Simulator Functions


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